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PICList Thread
'[PIC]: - Debugging Tool Request'
2000\06\05@160245 by andy howard

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Sent: Monday, June 05, 2000 04:23
Subject: [PIC] - Debugging Tool Request

> Has anyone seen a debugging tool what will provide something that
looks like
> a logic analyser hooked up to all the IO pins on a PIC (16C74 if it
> matters).  I just want to see a computer simulation of all the pins
> based exclusively on the program, not on the board or any external
> I could do it 'manualy' by tracing the program flow, but I was hoping
> was a tool out there that does what I am looking for.

I'd really recommend the Wave Analyser function of PIC DE-Sim, part of
the WizPIC program-builder package from FED. It does that and much more.

Very handy for checking that your serial routines are really doing what
you think they are.

Which, of course, they aren't.
You can wavetrace, in a variety of ways, pretty much anything your
program can see or wiggle. Splendid tool, surprised it isn't more
famous. It'll change your life. Simulates at "SX Turbo" speeds too.

No connection, satified punter only, etc.




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