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'[PIC]: Re: Suggestions for Oscilloscope?'
2002\01\15@183525 by James Paul

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We have several of these where I work, and everybody here sort of fights
over them.  If you need a quick indication or measurement, and aren't
in dire need of a lot of bells and whistles, this machine will fill the
bill nicely.   The cost is very reasonable, and the functionality is
second to none in my book.  And they do have their share of niceties.
Such as measurement functions (Volts..Peak, RMS, Max, Min, Etc.),
Frequency, period, duty cycle, etc.  They have cursors, both vertical and
horizontal, Triggering form either channel, and on and on and on.

I believe you won't go wrong getting one of these little gems.  They're
accurate, handy, small, generate very little heat, a cinch to operate.



P.S.  BTW...My birthday is coming up.  If you got two and gave me one,
      I'd have a very happy birthday.

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