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PICList Thread
2000\05\29@091627 by andy howard

From: "Brian Devlin" <spam_OUThitrackTakeThisOuTspamLINEONE.NET>

> Has anyone tried WIZPIC or any other windows based simulator. I am
> of buying one and would like some feedback first.
> Thanks

Yes, I use the PICDE simulator in WizPIC pretty much all the time. I
much prefer it to the MPLAB sim. The INCLUDED code generator is useful
for cobbling together quick one-offs and proof-of-concept prototypes

I'd recommend printing off the documentation 'cos it does take a bit of
reading and not all the docs are supplied as hardcopy.

The only really big disadvantage is the irritating voice "feature",
luckily it can be disabled.


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