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PICList Thread
'[PIC]: [PBK] The PICLIST Development Project:'
2002\08\29@113214 by Alan B. Pearce

face picon face
> >.. ULN2803 in SMD ?

>Toshiba has them.

Great thanks.

You may notice that I have added an extra tag to the subject line to make it
easy to sort my incoming mail on this project. I suggest that everyone
wishing to assist add the [PBK] to the subject - whatever normal PICList tag
is used.

This way those wishing to treat this as noise can dump it straight away as
well. :)

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2002\08\30@054648 by Alan B. Pearce

face picon face
>Is their an overview or consensus as to what the design is
>now?  (sorry if I have not followed the project from the beginning)
>I am currious and am trying to understand the project from fragmented
>Has anyone compiled anything in one location for review?   (to catch up)

Some stage over the weekend I hope to do a list as I see it, on what we need
to organise, and what I perceive the hardware to be.

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