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PICList Thread
'[PIC]: [OT]: PIC16F877'
2001\01\08@015809 by Roman Black

Henry Low wrote:
> hi all,
>     I have successfully build an autonomous mobile wheeled robot using
> PIC16F877 (2 wheeled). I have IR sensors all around the robot for obstacle
> detection and I have some below for table top edge detection (so that it
> will not fall off a table). I have also ultrasonic sensors at strategic
> locations to double up as obstacle detection device, in case the IR sensors
> failed to detect. I also have contact sensors all around to act as final
> backups.
>     I have the desire to add some function or features to my robot. Can
> anyone suggest any to me??

Good work Henry! I would like to see the pictures.
As for functions, I think the coolest bots are
the ones that do something useful, and since I hate
to clean floors I think that is a great job for
a small bot. How big is it? What A/H batteries?
You can get "dustbuster" type battery vacuums
at garage sales for a few dollars. These are
usually 7v 3A-6A. Or for a tiny bot you can get
those little "PC vacuum" things with the little
motor and brush, most discount stores have these
they are normally 3v at about 500mA. Another good
size from discount stores is the "car vacuum"
which is smaller than a dustbuster and runs from

Once he/she/it is cleaning your floor on a nice
regular pattern you can look at auto return and
docking with the charger, very impressive when
it works. Atlanta Robot Club has a nice home
vacuum competition in a 8'x8' simulated room,
where the competing bots have to pick up rice
without hitting furniture. Some impressive
entrants too. Anyway, that's my suggestion! :o)

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