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'[PIC:]F876 USART problem'
2004\01\09@104719 by PSL

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Hi All

I am using 16f876 USART but I have encounter something odd
below is a segment of my code

    banksel     SPBRG    ; bank0
    movlw      d'64'          ;  19200 baud @ 20 Mhz Fosc +0.16 err
    movwf      SPBRG
    movlw      b'00100100'     ; brgh = 1
    movwf     TXSTA           ; enable Async Transmission, set brgh
    banksel      RCSTA        ; bank0
    movlw      b'10010000'
    movwf      RCSTA           ; enable Async Reception
    movf       RCREG,w
    movf       RCREG,w
    movf       RCREG,w         ; flush receive buffer

Guess what i got a 5 voltage signal coming out of RC7/RX which is already
configure as a input
and all my recieve rountie did not work but the TX is still working

anyone have encounter this before?


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2004\01\09@143650 by Mike Hord

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What is connected to the RX pin?  Do you have it connected to an
RS-232 level shifter?  If so, are you certain that the level shifter has
the appropriate connections to ensure that the pin tied to RX gives
the proper signal?  Could the input to the Receive buffer on the
level shifter be bad or floating?

Mike H.

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2004\01\09@152428 by PSL

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after looking through the whole coding again how then i see i have made a
stupid mistake

Put the wrong heading for one of the constant value
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