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'[PIC:] Web group-effort interface Prototype'
2004\06\30@004307 by Robert B.

The prototype is currently online at this address:

Please, if you have some time, take a look around and test out whatever you
can.  If you find any errors then notify me!

(Yes, I know it's ugly, but it should work really well!)

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2004\06\30@024010 by Jason S

It looks quite nice.  You seem to prefer back-end coding over GUI work just
like I do :)

I don't know what your hosting situation is, but I have a web server in a
NOC in San Jose that I use to host sites for some of my clients (as well as
my own sites).  I can donate hosting to the project assuming you expect to
use less than a few hundred meg of monthly transfer.


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2004\06\30@094012 by Martin Klingensmith

Hi Robert,
Perhaps it would be good to show a list of names and quantity so people
know if they're added or not. Some sort of login is probably the best
way, otherwise someone's going to send you an email whenever they want
to be excluded from the buy.

> {Original Message removed}

2004\06\30@113532 by Robert B.

I don't understand your request.  A list of names and quantities is
generated when you click the "view progress" link next in the active
campaign. Are you suggesting I should add a way for people to remove

Also, in the end this system is based entirely on the honor system.  People
send an individual money for some chips, and that individual takes a
substantial financial risk in ordering hundreds of dollars of chips for
distribution.  No amount of logging in and out will change that, so I've
elected not to include a full login interface for just that reason.  Type
your name, email address, and the quantity you want, and then you'll be
contacted by the organizer.  It's not a guarantee, and the organizer can
exclude whoever he/she wants from the order on any grounds.  If someone
gives an illegitimate email address, the organizer will notice quickly and
exclude said person from the list.  I should probably add a way for the
organizer to delete people directly, though.  Perhaps that is what you're

Thanks for your comments :-D

Robert B.

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