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'[PIC:] PIC16F877 based data logger with SD and IrD'
2004\06\08@211819 by onio (Nino) Benci

picon face
Most of this project has been completed, the A/D and SD interfaces and
code is working
but i'm having trouble with the IrDA side. The end user will be using a
Palm T3 as the
interrogating device, via IrDA. On the T3 i'm using ptelnet, V0.61 for
testing. All comms are in plain
7 Bit ASCII. The IrDA interface is a Telefunken device, sorry the
hardware is not present and I can't
remember the part number, suffice to say, the RX output seems to be
presenting data to the PIC
when the T3 sends command strings. The T3 is able to read data from the
PIC occasionally

My main problem is that the link is inconsistent. Sometimes I get data
and I can read it but most often
than not the PIC it hangs and refuses to talk to the T3. I suspect my
polling and comms stack implementation
on the PIC is suspect.

Due to commercial confidentiality I can't post code samples for review
and help nor do I expect
anyone from the PIC list to write complete code for me. All that I ask
is for pointers to IrDA
communications examples using single chip micro's, in C or BASIC or ASM.
PIC or ATMEL examples
are fine.

Thanks in advance and much appreciated. for your time..

| Antonio (Nino) L. Benci                            |
| Professional Officer, Electronic Services          |
| School of Physics & Materials Engineering          |
| Monash University                                  |
| email:      |
| T: 61 3 9905 3649. F: 61 3 9905 3637               |
| M: 0414 924 833                                    |

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