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PICList Thread
'[PIC:] GNU C Compiler'
2004\04\15@115803 by Andre Thomas


Can any of you recommend a good GNU C compiler that will integrate with
MPLAB? Specifically for the PIC18 series

Andre Thomas

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2004\04\15@123121 by hael Rigby-Jones

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>From: Andre Thomas [.....andrethomasKILLspamspam@spam@LANTIC.NET]
>Sent: 15 April 2004 16:58
>Subject: [PIC:] GNU C Compiler
>Can any of you recommend a good GNU C compiler that will
>integrate with MPLAB? Specifically for the PIC18 series
>Andre Thomas

No, because there isn't one. SDCC is the only GNU compiler for the PIC that
I know of, but I don't know if it supports the 18x series or not.  It does
not have native MPLAB support AFAIK, but you may be able to use the legacy
tool integration feature the the later versions of MPLAB re-introduced.



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2004\04\16@084113 by DJMurray

Hey, Mike!!

Maybe I'm wrong, but my read of the SDCC docs indicate the 18F series
are the ONLY PICs supported!  I'm new to "C" on the PICs and am just
starting with SDCC, so I may have missed something important here!

Am I misreading this??  Although I really like the 18F series, I'd like
to deplete some of my older stock also.  Be nice if I could use SDCC for


Michael Rigby-Jones wrote:

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2004\04\16@091850 by Rafael Vidal Aroca

       Unfortunately i think you have misread that.

       18F port of sdcc is in very early stage and in alpha version (not that usable).
       Support for 16F pics is currently much better.

[]s Rafael.

On Fri, 16 Apr 2004, DJMurray wrote:

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> >>{Original Message removed}

2004\04\18@091930 by DJMurray

I don't consider this an "unfortunate" event, Rafael!! This is one time
I'm tickled to death to be wrong! Maybe now I can deplete some of my
16F877 stock and still use C in the process! I assume the '877 is one of
the 16F series supported? I know, I know - shouldn't use "old" chips on
new designs, right? But I'm an independed contractor and cheap - so I
tend to use what I have on hand if I can!

I really hadn't come across anything in the docs indicating the 16F
series was supported (seems to me they've called the Pic library PIC16,
but everything I've read indicated the library contents only supports

Looks like I need to play with it some more! Thanks for the heads-up -
you've made my day!

Rafael Vidal Aroca wrote:

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>>>>{Original Message removed}

2004\04\18@095151 by Shawn Wilton

According to the web page, the only items supported are pic 14 and 16
and even those are hardly supported...

Shawn Wilton
Junior in CpE

Phone: (503) 881-2707

DJMurray wrote:
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>>>>> {Original Message removed}

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