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PICList Thread
'[OT]testing piclist weirdness'
2010\12\16@063635 by cdb

test- nothing to see, or maybe there is.
cdb,  on 16/12/2010

2010\12\16@064139 by cdb

testing replying to a post.

Two of my post replies have been rejected due to disallowed content and abuse? Don't know what that means, but there you are.

cdb, on 16/12/2010
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2010\12\16@065157 by RussellMc

face picon face
>  ... testing piclist weirdness ...


2010\12\16@075531 by RussellMc

face picon face
Didn't you have similar happen previously?

Is it PICList or some other system that is doing the rejecting?

Would you like to send me a copy to see if I can spot the problem.

A copy of the bounce message would be useful.

If you are trying to send us $US9M from Burkina Faso, sell Queen size
sheets for  RMB25, if your name is Te quila, or if you have a hot
share trading tip, then your email was in fact received OK but has
gone to a better place (all currently in the special folder :-) ).

You could copy the message into eg Word and replace all i's with 1,
and o's with 0 etc and then paste back and send to list to see what
happens. (Leet lite :-) ).


On 17 December 2010 00:41, cdb <> wrote:
{Quote hidden}


2010\12\16@075829 by RussellMc

face picon face
And:  If you are "Miss Ruth" previously from Monrovia (last email sent
yesterday), now in Sierra Leone, then your pictures looked very nice,
but I found some more very like them on a US site with the same
watermark, and your  story is a bit implausible.

If ...

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