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PICList Thread
2000\05\29@112345 by Soon Lee

any one know of any way to convert parallax sxkey code to hex code that is compatible with UMPS

2000\05\30@081207 by Philippe

At 23:22 29/05/00 +0800, you wrote:
>any one know of any way to convert parallax sxkey code to hex code that is
>compatible with UMPS

Most of Parallax instruction is compatible with normal SX assembler at
some exception such as the one listed bellow. Unfortunatly this is
PSEUDO-CODE and not assembly instruction.
The other thing is the unconventionnal ":" that is behind each label.
I have listed here some of the parallax pseudo code, ths list is not
A Way to convert your code is either to compile it and to load the HEX result
into UMPS and then to save it as disassembled code.
In order to do thing properly you will also need to load some LABEL
and Variable table.
Another way is to replace manually all pseudo code by real instruction.

Best regards,
       Philippe TECHER.

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>> addb RegDst,C

       snb Status.0
       inc RegDst

>> movb Port.bitPort, RegSrc.bitRegSrc

       snb  RegSrc.bitRegSrc
       clr  Port.bitPort
       sb   RegSrc.bitRegSrc
       setb Port.bitPort

>> add RegDst,RegSrc

       mov W,RegSrc
       mov RegDst,W

>> mov RegDst,#value

       mov W,#value
       mov RegDst,W

>> djnz RegSrc,addr

       decsz RegSrc
       jmp addr


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