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'[OT]SyncingworkCand home email client.'
2005\06\01@200515 by Michael Davidson

> On Wed, 2005-06-01 at 13:07 -0700, Harold Hallikainen wrote:
> > A couple other approaches... One would be to use IMAP instead of
> > POP. Then all your folders, etc. stay on the server. I use
> > SquirrelMail as a webmail client that I can use anywhere, and get
> > access to the tons of saved email.
> Only BIG problem in my mind is IMAP requires the server to be alive to
> access ANY of your email, that's bad when your connection goes down,
> or the server goes down.

I've never encountered a mail client (apart from web ones) that don't keep a local cache. So you'll always be able to play with your existing mail, just not necessarily the new stuff you haven't synced with yet.
But then, that's going to be occur if you use your POP-syncing method, so it's a moot point, right? :)

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I'd definately go the way of IMAP. It's designed to facilitate working with your email from multiple locations, so why not use it rather than trying to shoehorn POP to do the same thing?

I personally work with 3 IMAP accounts and 1 POP account from this mail client. Two of the IMAP accounts I then use via a webterface from other locations. It works great. Provided I don't click the "Show all mail"
link as I'd then have to wait for several thousand message titles to be displayed over the web :)

Michael Davidson


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