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'[OT]Re: Fire in the Hole!!!'
2000\04\26@093257 by Aleks Zosuls

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<x-flowed>Hi All,

Once I was building a regulated power supply for a plate load supply (400V @
300mA) I put a zener diode in the wrong place, across the rail!!  When I
turned on the switch the zener blew up like a firecracker.  Big flash of
light.  Unfortunately my wrist was above the zener at the time and there
were little bits of plastic and silicon embedded in my skin.  Some were
pretty deep and took a while to come to the surface.  All that was left of
the zener were the two wires.  After this incident and many others I decided
it is good to keep the glasses and not get contact lenses and never turn on
anything I wired up after ten at night!

Keep it safe
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