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'[OT]RE: Chem. protective layer...'
1999\10\25@110914 by John

I would be interested in any replies to Wagner's request on Styrofoam
coating (by direct E-mail).

Also, I have a PIC project requiring a 3 1/2 digit LCD clock display;
any recommendations?  I have a Varitronix from Digi-Key, but I would
prefer one that had the "AM/PM" indicator also.

John Leonard

1999\10\25@145910 by William Chops Westfield

face picon face
It wasn't clear exactly what Wagner was looking for.  Fiberglass/epoxy
is put on styrofoam "cores" quite routinely in many fields (for example,
this is how most surfboards are made, as far as I know.)  If a chemical
coating won't work by itself, you might want to use something like a
lightweight fiberglass cloth to serve as a matrix for the resin. (other
types of cloth would probably work as well.)


1999\10\25@150311 by Harrison Cooper

The other thing, is to try a craft store.  They sell the Styrofoam shapes
and might have something to seal them, etc.  Seems that they do, but can't
recall exactly what.

1999\10\25@164907 by Dave Minkler

Yes, aircraft too!  I used a composite materials practice kit from
Aircraft Spruce and Specialty (page 33 of
their current online catalog) to get my feet er uh styro wet.


1999\10\25@164912 by Mark Willis

I've talked to Wagner, I'm interested in this also.  Model and full
scale boats are made with foam core construction (My father & I've
planned to make one), as are surfboards, model airplane wings, and a few
other things.  Epoxy or Urethane coating on the foam, then a thin layer
of fiberglass cloth with resin (or more epoxy), should do well; I asked
Wagner to perhaps summarize to those of us who ask him, when done.

No ideas on the other, but I'm sure someone else knows <G>  I'm offline
for a while here, need to finish the pellet stove up, it's a cold day
here in The Silicon Rain{ing!} Forest.


John wrote:
{Quote hidden}

1999\10\26@203656 by Gennette Bruce

It is common place to use 4 standard 7 segment displays with the first and
third turned up-side down. (only the 'G' segment and decimal point swap when
a display is up-side down).

This will put the first decimal point at the top left of the display (use it
to indicate pm) and the second and third decimal points vertically in line
in the middle of the display (flash this pair on for half a second each
second). The last decimal point can be used as an indicator for anything you
need, say 'alarm set'.  Or use any layout you fancy.

When you wire up the displays and store the patterns for the digits make the
decimal point the least significant bit, then you just have to add 1
(increment) to turn on the decimal point indicator or decrement 1 to turn it


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