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'[OT]Possible cloned GSM phones from China'
2010\12\10@010300 by cdb

I have a Chinese mobile phone, brand XKSSTEL model x13 dual sim job.
I rarely use my mobile so have a $50.00 prepaid for 1 year plan.

Imagine my surprise when I checked my account to find over the last 3 months 39 SMS's have been made to 1588966059xx not an Australian number.

Research on Guggle shows that a number of people around the world who have the above phone but model x12 have suffered the same problem.

I telephoned my provider Virgin Mobile (Optus in reality), who informed me that it is impossible to fake digital phones. and I must have made these calls without remembering. After telling them they only have to put the phone number into Giggle they would find out these numbers belong to China Mobile in Guangdong (I now know courtesy of the Chinese gentleman at work this is Canton in English).

After exploding down the phone at the operatives (only because they were calling me a liar and refused to perform a simple internet search, and were giving me waffle), they have agreed to suspend my SMS capability whilst they 'look into it'

So if you've been silly enough to purchase a Chinese phone, be warned. I have had the phone for about 2 years and this has only just started happening.

cdb,  on 10/12/2010

2010\12\10@094835 by Herbert Graf

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On Fri, 2010-12-10 at 16:02 +1000, cdb wrote:
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First off, cloning the phone is pretty useless, since it's the SIM that
determines which account things get billed to. That's the whole point of
the SIM, you can (theoretically) use any phone you want provided you
plug your SIM into it.

As for what happened, I haven't heard of this sort of thing before. I
know that SIMs CAN be cloned, you have to have physical access to it to
do it. I suppose it's possible the phone has been programmed to crack
whatever SIM is plugged into it and forward those details automatically
to someone.

Another possibility is your phone DID send those texts. There are
backdoor hacks for windows mobile phones I've seen that turn your phone
into a silent relay, perhaps this kind of software is installed on your
phone? You would have no way of knowing it was happening, texts come in
silently and are forwarded silently, if it's in the ROM then resetting
the phone to factory settings wouldn't help either.

Despite all these really cool ways, personally I'd say the much more
likely possibility is your provider has screwed up and texts sent from
another account are being charged to your account.


2010\12\10@115227 by Yigit Turgut

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It's probably a backdoor, check if you see any suspcious activity has been
made or not through GPRS/EDGE or 3G

2010\12\15@024722 by cdb

Well Virgin finally came back to me today, told me the phone had been cloned, nothing to do with them, and to add insult to injury directed me to the webpage that I told them detailed this problem.

They even went as far as to say it was my fault for buying a Chinese phone.

I'm not disputing I bought the phone, nor was I asking them to refund the charges - the least they could have done was to offer to call bar 158 numbers or even all SMS's.

So folks be warey of buying the XKSSTEL range of phones and from what I've read the Sciphone brand as well.

cdb, on 15/12/2010
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