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'[OT]Plotter identification?'
1999\10\11@173631 by Mike Werner

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I'm trying to identify a plotter that has managed to wander into the
house.  The label says it was made by Alphamerics.  But the only
Alphamerics website I could find wouldn't admit to knowing anything
about it.  The part nunber is D3001B.  It's a rather large thing,
about 4 feet long by about 1 1/2 feet wide.  At one end there is a
detachable control console with a keyboard, a joystick, a number of
switches, and a tape drive (for tapes roughly but not quite the size
of a standard minicassette).  The frame is rectangular, with an arm
that moves lengthwise down the long side.  This arm goes the full
width.  It appears that a pen unit would atach to this arm onto a
carriage that would move side to side along this arm.  For pen-up and
-down there is a lip on the opposite side of the arm that moves up and
down - appears to be moved by a solenoid.

I know this description isn't the best.  I might be able to get
pictures of the thing, if I can get hold of a digital camera.  But
that's only a vague possibility (depends on how well I can sweet talk
the camera's owner).  I'm really not sure if this thing works at all.
But if it does I would like to put it to use, as cutting and pasting
multiple 8 1/2 x 11 sheets into one full size schematics is rather a

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1999\10\11@181958 by Keith Causey

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Dear PIC Listers - I am repeating stuff I already asked of the Scenix
listers but here goes - I see in the SX "Applications" a DRAM controller but
I can get no description of any such thing from the guys at Scenix. They say
that it's just what they heard from their customers. Have any of you ever
constructed such a device with either a PIC or a Scenix chip? Thanks
Keith Causey -

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