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'[OT]PCB etched inductors'
1998\07\06@170347 by Peter Hynes


My apologies for a somewhat OT
question, but RF matters have come
up before ....

Does anyone have info\pointers to
apps notes etc. on how to design
the inductive element
in a resonant circuit where this is
etched from a copper clad laminate.
You usually see
them in crystal stabilised low-UHF
applications like hand held remote
security systems etc.

I'm mainly  looking for design
equations that cover the effects of
track width, physical size of
the etched coil, shape etc.

Many thanks in advance.

Regards, PJH


                 PETER HYNES
  FAX: Int-61-3-9809 0604 NET:

1998\07\06@170916 by Craig Webb

Try linx technologies, the technician there spoke to me a bit about those.
They have an 800 number, though I don't have it on hand.

Good luck.

Craig Webb

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1998\07\06@175544 by Sean Breheny

face picon face

I'd love to have this information myself, so if you find a good source,
please let me know. I think, however, that I have seen this info in the
ARRL handbook, available from, or at your local library.

Good luck,


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