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'[OT]How not to post to a technical forum.'
2011\01\06@054333 by cdb

It is with deep regret that I report to have found myself having an 'Olinesque' moment! :)

In fact I find that there are more and more people on technical forums who I suppose to be in the teen - 25'ish bracket who apart from the appalling grandma (sic) (yup I'm a language snob if I was American I would have been a New Englander who thought they spoke superior English as opposed to that stuff KG III and his court used ), type away as though cyberworld knows all about them.

The poster:

' hi i bought *edit* PRODUCT NAME IS HERE. the guy said as ive got a laptop with win 7 64 bit it would work. it doesnt. its open box as i tryed to install product and had to regester coz i thought it was coz it needed update to work.?? what do i do? '


' No one here in cyberland has any idea as to what guy told you anything. Perhaps a more detailed explanation would be useful.
Was the person who gave you advice someone from COMPANY NAME presales support? Were they a retailer or just a random guy at the bar in the pub? '

I went on to ask necessary questions, and the answers I received back, like many after I've typed out a whole page of questions, seamed as though they'd never actually read my questions fully, perhaps every 3rd word, so they answered what they obviously thought I should have asked not what I actually did, and then only one answer had relevance to the eight I'd asked.


cdb,  on 6/01/2011

2011\01\06@060928 by cdb

Replying to my own post, I have indeed spotted the unseemly spelling of seem, I shall wash my mouth out with coal seamingly :) .
cdb, on 6/01/2011
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2011\01\06@211146 by K S

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>  It is with deep regret that I report to have found myself having an
> 'Olinesque' moment! :)


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