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PICList Thread
'[OT]Electronics Mag on youtube'
2008\04\04@062911 by cdb


I like the quadcopter.

cdb,  on 4/04/2008

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2008\04\04@181756 by Dave Lagzdin

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On 04/04/2008, cdb <> wrote:
> I like the quadcopter.
> Colin
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> cdb,  on 4/04/2008
Anybody besides me HATE this idea?
That has to be THE most annoying  form for a magazine...


2008\04\04@184336 by Clint Sharp

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In message
<>, Dave
Lagzdin <> writes
>On 04/04/2008, cdb <> wrote:
>Anybody besides me HATE this idea?
>That has to be THE most annoying  form for a magazine...
It's not the *whole* magazine, it's supplemental to the print/PDF
magazine and I think it's a great idea.

Clint Sharp

2008\04\11@111958 by M. Adam Davis

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I largely agree with you, this is a good thing.

Many people learn better by seeing than reading, and some projects
just call out for a video or audio.

I hope, however, that it is redundant - you should still be able to
get the same information from the print article as you get in the
video and audio.  I hate that CNN has a bunch of interesting stories
that are video only, with no transcript.

I hope it gets as cheap and easy (actually, cheaper and easier) to
document projects using pictures, video, audio, etc as it is to throw
a webpage up.  There are doubtlessly tons of interesting work
happening that could be put on the web in a multitude of formats that
isn't simply because it requires significant time and money.


On 4/4/08, Clint Sharp <> wrote:
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