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'[OT] waggle output pins of 16C73A'
1999\10\29@110022 by G. Dai

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I am a learner of PIC.  I am trying to generate a pulse by sending high and
low voltage to output pins of PIC 16C73A. I found certain pins works bur
other not. For example, PIN A2 and PIN C4 work and PIN A4 and PIN C5 not.
Can anybody tell me why?


G Dai

1999\10\29@113350 by Dave Minkler

PORTA.4 is an "open collector" type and can only pull to ground.  You
will need a pull-up resistor to see any change.  Don't know why you
can't wiggle PORTC.5 unless you've got it set as SDO.

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