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'[OT] sewer blockage sensor'
2008\11\22@113417 by BOB

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Having had a friend who had several rental properties here are some
thoughts he shared with me.
If you cannot justify a reason to keep the tree, Cut it down.  It causes
sewer problems.  Other reasons to cut it down are the leaf problems also
cause extra maintenance costs.

The next choice is have a plummer come and run a snake down the sewer to
clean out the roots ( my friend bought a sewer cleaner at an auction and
does it his self.
H also bought a system  that has a camera  that he sends through the
drain to inspect it.

But then he has about 100 rental properties so some of these things pay
for their selves in a short time.


apptech wrote:
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2008\11\22@114444 by Carl Denk

Some cities and property owners associations do not permit cutting a
good (or any) tree down without prior approval. Check first.

BOB wrote:
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