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PICList Thread
'[OT] printed-quotable *is* ASCII'
2004\09\16@153640 by Gerhard Fiedler

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>    I'm just wondering, what's the logic behind the
> double-tagging this thread?

That's a "feature" of my mail program. Whenever I modify a subject, it adds
the original subject with "(was ...". I didn't think that this would bother
anybody. Usually, changing the subject to reflect the content is encouraged
by most here, and keeping the old subject facilitates identifying where it
came from.

I thought only the first tag counts... ??

> If all [OT[ guys have [PIC] on, then just [PIC] would
> gather the same company.

I didn't mean to "gather" the [PIC] crowd.

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2004\09\16@162131 by Gerhard Fiedler

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>> It seems there may be some header clowns in the loop in this mailing list,
>> though, that modify the email headers -- at least this is what Howard says
>> (his email coming back to him from the list having different headers than
>> the email he sends out). If this is true, this is not nice.
> Indeed, and in the fragment of the header with the changed encoding type, that I posted, MIT even owned up to
> it!  :-)  
> Further checking has revealed that when I send a message that hasn't got any 8-bit characters in it, my email
> program sends the message tagged as "7-bit".  If there are any 8-bit characters, it sends it
> "quoted-printable".  
> It is in the latter case that MIT changes it to "8-bit".

It doesn't do this always, though. For example, it leaves mine alone.

It seems to do it when it finds an 8-bit character in the stream. Do you
have a way to check your raw source (what you send), maybe with a hex
editor? Any chance that there is an 8-bit character in there, even after
encoding it quoted-printable?

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