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'[OT] photo film'
1999\11\17@212930 by Reginald Neale

Wagner said:

>for sale for 1/3 of the price, and worked pretty well, I used it a lot.
>According to her, high speed films are very sensible to heat and
>infra-red can flat some chemicals. If this is good for ASA400 and 1000,
>it should also be good for ASA100 and ASA200.  It could be the reason
>why letting your camera inside your car's glove's compartment for months
>can turn all pictures with those nasty red coloration, huh?

Exactly. How long it keeps, and at what temperature, depend on
how fussy you are about contrast and color balance. If it has
a good expiration date when you buy it, keep it in the freezer
and it'll stay good almost forever. Just remember not to open
the package until it reaches room temperature.

Reg Neale

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