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PICList Thread
'[OT] off topic threads'
1999\10\08@211615 by Nick Taylor

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Hey all - - the list is beginning to sound like my son's fifth grade
classroom when the teacher says, "Have a quiet discussion about the
subject at hand.  I'll be back in a few minutes."  If the teacher
returns and finds chaos he is likely to really clamp down on the
class ... and I, for one, do NOT want Jory or Mark to clamp down on
the list or any of the "thoughtless posters".  Nor do I want to see
any more valuable contributors leaving in disgust.

If the members of this list were middle of the curve, 100 IQ, "normal"
people, we wouldn't have a consuming interest in programming and
electronics ... so we have diversified (and often rather strange)
interests ... but lengthy threads on off topic subjects, while often
interesting, only clutter the list.

Please, let's be self policing ... without all the flames generated
by the self appointed "content police".  Nobody should need to be
reminded ... no religious or political posts ... and reasonable limits
on off topics threads.

Also, please do NOT post on list responses to this post ... email me
directly with your flames.  I don't want to start another [OT] thread.
Or, if you strongly disagree with me, email Mark or Jory and request
that I be publicly chastised.

Thanks for reading this unnecessarily long post,
- Nick -

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