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'[OT] linux, lunix????'
2007\03\10@124144 by Cristóvão Dalla Costa

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On 3/10/07, Gerhard Fiedler <> wrote:
> Recon wrote:
> >
> >
> > It sounds like the author of this article knew just enough to be
> > dangerous.
> This sounds to me more like a parody (portraying exactly those that know
> just enough to be dangerous :) than something serious.
> Gerhard

This stuff is old. For more information:

Adequacy first gained widespread Internet notoriety after the December
2001 <> publication of a story entitled "Is
Your Son a Computer Hacker?"
story was engineered to raise the hackles of as wide a swath of the
Internet geek <> community as possible; it
lampooned such topics as the Linux
<>operating system, processors from
Micro Devices <>, online
gaming <>, and rave
Furor over the story spread quickly through technology / gaming blogs and
Usenet <>
and visitors came to the site in droves to express their opinions. The story
received an official count of 5,913 individual comments (a figure which does
not include several thousand more that were hidden by the Adequacy editors).
This figure even exceeds the record of the much more heavily-visited
Slashdot, which (as of November 21, 2006) stands at 5,687 replies to the
story "Kerry Concedes Election to Bush".

The publicity of the hacker story reached its highest point on January
2002 <>, when Adequacy was featured as the
"Site of the Night" on the TechTV
<>television program The
Screen Savers <>.
[7]<>Hosts Leo
Laporte <> and Martin
Sargent<>discussed the
"warning signs" enumerated in the article individually, and
while Laporte seemed inclined to believe that the article was a joke,
neither was ultimately sure of what to make of it. "Is this a joke?" asked
Laporte incredulously, to which Sargent replied "Do you think? I don't know.
I can't tell."

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