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'[OT] how to disable [Ctrl] Q in Windows XP system'
2007\04\10@142822 by Dwayne Reid

Good day to all.

Accidentally closed one too many applications and now I'm mad (at
myself, but mad nonetheless).

I tend to use keyboard shortcuts when navigating some my windows

Ever notice how easy it is to hit [Ctrl] Q instead of [Ctrl][Tab] or [Ctrl] W?

I do it all too often.  Getting sloppy in my old age.

Anyone know of a simple trick to disable or trap [Ctrl] Q?  Global
trap or disable is just fine.

Its easy in some of my other systems - I run an app called PowerPro
which allows this sort of thing.  But I don't have it loaded on all
of my machines.

Was wondering if Windows XP has anything built-in.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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2007\04\10@145426 by Robert Rolf

picon face
Useful info on defining hotkeys here:
Maybe you can define it to run something innocuous instead?
lets you redifine ANY keycode to something else. $45US

Since you already have a tool that will do it, why not install it?


Dwayne Reid wrote:

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