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PICList Thread
'[OT] general Non-committal subject line'
2009\03\17@083924 by Rolf

face picon face
M. Adam Davis wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 7:15 AM, Vitaliy <> wrote:
>> This post is in response to Bob Blick's post, "Re: [PIC] Simple rules about
>> behavior on the Piclist":
> I don't necessarily disagree with what you're saying regarding the
> direction the piclist appears to be taking.
> However, this is not a democracy.  

Hmm... agree with both Adam, Vitaliy, and at times Bob too... very
complex issue.

My feeling is also that the list has taken a turn for the worse. I
believe this coincides with the timing of Jame's departure, and all the
debates and activities that happened then, including the sanctioning of
name-calling, and other demeaning behaviour. I am not suggesting Jame's
departure is the cause, only that lots of things happened at that time,
and Jame's departure is the best way I can express that time without
singling out any particular 'sensitive' action or individual.

At that time, the 'new' Admins requested the time and opportunity to
settle things...

Has this been enough time?

Sure, no system will ever be perfect, but I have to agree with elements
of both sides of the fence. What's certain though, in my mind, is that
the 'value' of the community has degraded, and that it is at least in
part to Admin processes and decisions.

Could I do it better? Probably not, I am too opinionated ;-)

But, being a community, I am prepared to speak up and be a voice...

Contrary to Adam's comment, and other comments before... being an Admin
is not the only way to make a difference. Lending support for change is
another way too.


P.S. CC'in Vitaliy directly in case he's already banned ;-) (but, since
his e-mail is 'spam', it's unlikely to get to him...).

2009\03\17@090157 by Alan B. Pearce

face picon face
>Hmm... agree with both Adam, Vitaliy, and at times
>Bob too... very complex issue.

Of course there is another way to deal with people who reply privately to
you with the nonsense that got quoted - do what I did, create a rule that
marks messages from them as read, and deletes it. I just don't see the
******* messages from him these days (private or list), unless someone
quotes it, and that tends to be the reasonable bits that get quoted.

2009\03\17@093422 by Jake Anderson

Rolf wrote:
> P.S. CC'in Vitaliy directly in case he's already banned ;-) (but, since
> his e-mail is 'spam', it's unlikely to get to him...).
I used to use an email address with the word spam in it.
Played hell with the spammers, their automagic list processing things
got really smart and removed the word spam from it helpfully.

I should get another one of those, then make something that will block
at the firewall anything sent to those addressees.

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