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'[OT] ftp utilities'
1999\11\11@194302 by John Waters

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<x-flowed>Hi all,

I need to upload some files to a ftp site regularly. But the operation has
to be automatic and under the control of a special application program
developed by me. Does anyone know if there is any ftp utilities available
that can be called from another program (preferably DOS base)?

Thanks in advance.

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1999\11\11@200414 by steve


most ftp utils include a scripting language that you can include as part of
the command line when executing the ftp utility.

Steve Wright

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1999\11\11@211956 by Mark Willis

Ack, what was the name of the tools in that Nuts & Volts article by Karl
Lunt, Drat, let me go look at the SRS site:, is his unit where he has a
Dos box updating his web page regularly.  I can pass Cron && FNOS, the
utilities he uses, and the FNOS FAQ, to anyone needing them via e-mail.
(John, you may not need Cron <G>)


John Waters wrote:
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I do small package shipping for small businesses, world-wide.

1999\11\11@221531 by William J. Kitchen

The command line ftp utility that comes with WIN95 and above is

You invoke it from the command line like this: "ftp -s:myscript.txt"

The script file is just a list of what you would normally have typed
manually.  Here's an example of how someone might synchronize
Netscape bookmarks between work and home.

cd c:\progra~1\netscape\users\me
lcd "c:\progra~1\netscape\users\me
get bookmark.htm

If you want to make the process even easier, you can create a batch file
something like the following and call it something like
"getbookmarks.bat".  This batch passes itself to the ftp program as an
argument (the first line is the clever part, notice the %0), so that
everything is self contained.  The batch interpreter skips the ftp script,
and the ftp program generates a couple of harmless error messages,
but otherwise safely ignores the lines that aren't part of the ftp script.

The batch looks something like this:

ftp -s:%0.bat
goto done
cd c:\progra~1\netscape\users\me
lcd "c:\progra~1\netscape\users\me
get bookmark.htm

I found this ftp-script-in-a-batch trick on a web site about dos batch files,
but I can't remember how to find it again to give proper credit.

On 11 Nov 99, at 16:41, John Waters wrote:

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                                       William Kitchen
The future is ours to create.

1999\11\12@131134 by John De Villiers

Both Windows NT and Windows 95/98 have commandline FTP clients that can be
driven with screipt command file (  ftp -sSCRIPTFILE )

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