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'[OT] Wireless cam with a battery pack?'
2010\12\20@202433 by Vitaliy

Looking for recommendations on a good hi-res (640x480 min) Wi-Fi webcam with a rechargeable battery pack. Two-way audio a plus.

If I can't find a decent one, I may have to buy this guy, and fit it on top of a small lead-acid battery:

2010\12\20@211322 by Carl Denk

Might check MCM

In a quick look, I didn't see any with battery, but that would be easy to add for power.

If you see something interesting. They put out regular flyers with super prices. Contact me privately, I'll see if the item is on sale and get the sale code.

They are an arm of newark/Farnel located in Southwest Ohio. I have dealt with them for some years with no complaints.

On 12/20/2010 8:22 PM, Vitaliy wrote:
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