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'[OT] Windspeed circuit?'
2000\01\20@115549 by Robert A. LaBudde

<x-flowed>At 10:05 AM 1/20/00 -0800, Alan wrote:
>   Wind chill stops as well when the temperatures match.  Convection IS
> slow wind
>chill that happens because warm air rises.  Wind accelerates this by bringing
>more cool air molecules into contact with the warmer body in x amount of time.
>   Yeah, you feel lots colder at the beach when you're wet,  but that's
> because
>wind also accelerates the evaporative heat loss, not because that's what 'wind
>chill' is because you're wet.  You still feel noticably colder at the same
>(at least lower than ~85deg skin temp) when the wind is blowing vs not, even
>when you're dry.  That is wind chill.

Air at a given temperature will never reach the same temperature as the
evaporatively cooled object. This is called the difference between the 'dry
bulb' and 'wet bulb' temperatures. This phenomenon is used to measure
relative humidity in a sling psychrometer. Steady-state, there will be a
constant temperature offset, so long as the temperature of the air is
constant and its speed exceeds ~ 3 m/s.

The air and object will only reach the same endpoint temperature when the
relative humidity of the air equals the water activity of the object.

>   I'll make a WAG and bet your PhD is in computers..

Mine's in chemistry. What's yours in?

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