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'[OT] Where to buy Mabuchi Motors EG530AD-9B'
2005\07\20@151749 by brusque


    those motors were  mainly used in tape and LP players and we use
then in one equipment we manufacture. They aren't in production anymore
so we are having problem obtaining it.

    Anyone have any clues of where can I buy EG530AD-9B or similar item?

    Thank you very much,

Edson Brusque                     C.I.Tronics Lighting Designers Ltda
Research and Development                  Joinville  -  SC  -  Brazil   

2005\07\20@162357 by Daniel Dourneau

I believe that you have done a "google search".
I did it and got some links
Do you have direct contact with Mabuchi (Japan) or do you go through agents?
Do you need exact model or a replacement could do.
I would suggest that you contact Nidec Copal or Matsushita Mineaba Motors
(MMMB). They do have all sorts of motors but it depends very much on your
quantity requirements. Have you also tried Global Sources It is likely that you will find what you want
in there.

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