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'[OT] What to do with a bunch of old circuitboards('
2009\02\10@094736 by PAUL James

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What would the shipping cost be to zip code 77406?  I will ask around at
the different schools here.



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2009\02\10@100425 by Master Yager

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Shipping to 18630? if your willing to sell small amounts of them at a
cheaper price?

On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 9:47 AM, PAUL James <> wrote:

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> {Original Message removed}

2009\02\10@215556 by Vitaliy

"Marcel Duchamp" wrote:
>> The crystal is 3.57Mhz (an odd frequency, to be sure). The ELM320 is
>> based
>> on the PIC12C509, so I guess the board can be used as a GP board...
> Vitaliy,
> You need to get out more!  ;>

Can't argue with that. :)

> That is the color burst crystal for NTSC color TV systems.  Dirt cheap.
>  Probably was designed into your board due to it's low price.

Marcel, you must think I fell off a banana boat. :)

Yes, I am aware of what the frequency is used for, and why it was selected
for this design. I was just pointing it out, because I think most people
would expect a more "regular" frequency (4MHz, 8MHz, etc).

> I've ignored this thread up to now but knowing that the board is pic
> based makes it more interesting, at least to hobby folks.

Good! :)

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Sure thing. They're going to the crusher anyway, right? :) Might as well
have fun... How many "prize" boards were you thinking of? Five? Ten?

> As an engine diagnostic tool, it appeals to a limited
> set of users but as a cheap breadboard for generic 8 pin pics, it
> appeals to a much larger group.  And finally, if I were teaching
> embedded controller classes in high school, college, etc, I would try to
> get the entire stock to have students use for class projects.

That would be nice. Unfortunately, I don't know any high school teachers,
and my daughter and her classmates are probably too young...

> LED flashers, beepers, signal generators, where to stop?

Have you had a chance to look at the schematic? The LEDs are not directly
connected to pins, traces may need to be cut/rewired to control the LEDs


2009\02\10@221309 by Michael Algernon

suggested Contest::
Best use for crusher board  (w/o ELM chip )   with revised schematic  
and psuedo code

Prize:   10 boards shipped to winner ( shipping paid )

 WFT Electronics
Denver, CO   720 222 1309
" dent the UNIVERSE "

All ideas, text, drawings and audio , that are originated by WFT  
Electronics ( and it's principals ),  that are included with this  
signature text are to be deemed to be released to the public domain as  
of the date of this communication .

2009\02\11@044355 by Jinx

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> >The crystal is 3.57Mhz (an odd frequency, to be sure).
> A lot of chips were designed to use this frequency

DTMF too. Every house phone I've taken apart has one. OK spares
for a PIC

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