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PICList Thread
'[OT] Wes Graham 1932-1999'
1999\08\27@172212 by Walter Banks

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Many regulars on the PIClist who are my vintage will
recognize WATfor and WATfiv quick turnaround
educational compilers. The visionary behind their
development, Wes Graham passed away on Monday.
Wes also played a major role in establishing WATcom
for the promotion of educational software.

Wes Graham tirelessly promoted excellence, he brought
a critical  mass of software expertise to the Kitchener Waterloo
area. Wes made computing available to students when computers
were locked away in secure rooms. The 70 or so software
companies in this area collectively owe him for his vision
and dedication to computing.

I for one will miss his wisdom, friendship and guidance.

Rest in peace Wes.

Walter Banks

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