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'[OT] Voltage drops (was Widlar Optimisation...)'
2005\08\08@132617 by Dave Tweed

Howard Winter <> wrote:
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We're actually a step ahead of you, then, because we (NEC) don't allow
inaccessible joins at all.

Wirenuts are not just a "cap" over a twisted join. The metal thread forms
a high-quality gastight connection with the wires. When properly applied,
they are at least as good as crimps and screw terminals, if not better.
In fact, if you've got more than one wire to attach to the same terminal
of an accessory, it's actually preferred if you use a wirenut to join the
wires, including a short pigtail that goes to the accessory.

Seriously, if you're going to do wiring over here, you'd be well-advised
to become familiar with the National Electric Code, upon which nearly all
state and local codes are based, if you don't want to create unnecessary
grief for your GF down the road. It's published by the National Fire
Protection Association (

-- Dave Tweed

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