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'[OT] Volkswagen license plate bolts'
2006\03\16@180913 by Mike Hord

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Weird question, but here it is:

I just bought an '03 Jetta, and there were no plates on it,
nor bolts in the holes.

Does anyone know what size bolts these are?  I'd rather
not make ten trips in and out of the hardware store finding
the appropriate one, and I don't have any kind of thread
gauge or anything.

Google of course had lots of odd and...spammy...things
to say when queried about "volkswagen license plate

I'm also wondering if they're metric.  Anyone know?

Mike H.

2006\03\16@183457 by andrew kelley

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Usually, not always, a self tapping bolt with a 10 mm head works..
What size it is I don't know..  But its a standard size bolt.  You can
usually get them at the D/RMV for like 50 cents


On 3/16/06, Mike Hord <> wrote:
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2006\03\16@183521 by Marcel Birthelmer

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I'd suggest calling your local VW dealer's parts department. They're usually
very helpful in these matters.

On 3/16/06, Mike Hord <> wrote:
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2006\03\16@203215 by Danny Sauer

One quarter inch serrated washer-face self tapping bolt, typically (or
the metric equivalent).  The "Help!" line of parts carried at most
larger auto parts stores generally has that and other common pieces of
hardware like that (window cranks, lock pulls, etc).


andrew wrote regarding 'Re: [OT] Volkswagen license plate bolts' on Thu, Mar 16 at 17:37:
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