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'[OT] Tyre performance comparisons'
2005\09\26@084119 by Russell McMahon

Sortable comparisons of various categories of automotive tyres. Charts
can be re-sorted on various criteria. Results colour coded for "at a
glance" selection of tyres you'd like to have or avoid. Based
(apparently) on readers opinions with total mileage of reviewers

Conclusion -

- Avon Tech M550 A/S are king.
- Few tyres work well in ice and snow (but Avon Tech ...)
- Some "high performance all season" tyres work better in ice and snow
than some "ultra high performance all season" tyres.
- Most makers make some really good and some terribly bad tyres. A
model name alone may not be enough to tell which is which.

Tyre speed ratings

2005\09\26@133003 by Johan Baarman

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A tyres performance usually depends much of to which climate it is
intended. Dunlop, Bridgestone and Continental usually gets good ratings
in wintertyre tests in central europe while they dont perform as good as
Gislaved and Nokian in tests here in the nordic countrys. Here in
southern Finland the temperature in the winter is usually around 0
degrees centigrade and the humidity is quite high, often resulting in a
thin invisible layer of ice on the road. Thats why most of the carowners
around here use studded tyres. The only drawback is that they are quite

Russell McMahon wrote:

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