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'[OT] The unbearable lightness of university was :A'
2009\04\13@153450 by Michael Algernon


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I took one class dealing with signal processing at the University of  
Midway I had a grade of 65%.  The next closest student had a grade of  
The professor gave me a letter grade of A++ at the end of the course.  
I am not
sure anyone else received an "A".
The next semester I took another course from the same professor and I  
got a "D".
Midway through university I was put on probation for having a 1.9  
grade point average.
So, I took a year off to go skiing.  My last semester at university I  
had a 4.0 average
which raised my cumulative average to 3.01 which qualified me for  
graduate work by
.01 points.

2009\04\13@175023 by solarwind

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