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'[OT] Spacex delivers a Dragon to ISS'
2012\05\25@105916 by Walter Banks

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I have been a big fan of SPACEX for a long time. As a company they have
practiced a lot of solid engineering and science in developing their
various space technologies. They have shown tremendous attention to
details in the work they have done.

Spacex has demonstrated that they learn from their mistakes and they
have not let any pressures force them to do anything that they feel not
fully prepared for.

This mornings capture of the Dragon capsule by ISS has demonstrates how
this approach has paid off.

As one of many companies moving into the space transportation business
we are seeing a new era in space exploration that will not be dominated
by just finding a solution but in selecting which innovation solution
should be pursued.

The possibilities start to get interesting with Rutan/Virgin preparing
to carry passengers into space for a short time and private companies
soon to routinely launch and support space missions.


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