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'[OT] Source for Sharp GP1U581Y ??'
1999\03\14@010520 by Nick Taylor

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Can someone please point me toward a source for
the Sharp GP1U581Y IR detector?
- - - Nick - - -

1999\03\14@022139 by Wagner Lipnharski

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Nick Taylor wrote:
> Can someone please point me toward a source for
> the Sharp GP1U581Y IR detector?
> TIA,
>  - - - Nick - - -

Nick, it needs to be the Sharp part?
Digikey has some smaller in a TO-92 format (almost),
and... cost less...

The Digikey equivalent to Sharp is the p/n 160-1033-ND,
cost $3.45 (32.7kHz) or p/n 160-1060-ND, $2.88 (40 kHz),
while the TO-92 (almost) format has two versions, with
side or top pins, from 33,36,38,40,56.8kHz, everyone
cost $2.50 each.  Take a look at catalog Jan-Mar99,
page 575 bottom right. This miniaturized styles are
just like a molded chip, different from the Sharp style
in a small metal box.
Wagner Lipnharski - UST Research Inc. - Orlando, Florida
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1999\03\14@033942 by Lynx {Glenn Jones}

Just a note, they are considerably larger than a T0-92, but still small.
also, they have discontinued the bigger ones.

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On Sun, 14 Mar 1999, Wagner Lipnharski wrote:

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1999\03\14@041756 by igor


>Can someone please point me toward a source for
>the Sharp GP1U581Y IR detector?
> - - - Nick - - -

1999\03\15@004623 by Nick Taylor

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Thanks to all for your responses ... but I still haven't been
able to locate a supplier for the GP1U581Y IR detector.
A search of B.G.Micro's and DigiKey's web sites produced
no results.  The two local Radio Shacks stock a similar
unit by Everlight, but the IR window is on the top of the
box instead of the front.  DigiKey does stock a unit by
LiteOn that is similar, but the supplier of my IRPD PIC
says that the LiteOn unit will not work with the 12508 as
Any more ideas?
- - - Nick - - -

Wagner Lipnharski wrote:
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