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'[OT] School days, was pcb eching tank. I find a p'
2005\06\01@073712 by Alan B. Pearce

face picon face
If we are going to reminisce like this, guess better change the topic and

>Oh yeah, all good fun. Guess you've seen the
>"That'll Teach 'em" series ?

No never saw those, but always Adam Hart-Davis and his series on "Local
Heroes" and the later ones "What the Romans did for us" and "What the
Victorians did for us" along with his improvised experiments to show what
the pioneers did.

>I found out a couple of weeks ago that my 4th & 5th form physics
>teacher from the UK in the 70s now lives in Hamilton. Small world.
>Realising now that he's actually not that much older than me takes
>a little getting used to

I remember in my last year of secondary school having a lass straight out of
teachers training college as our English teacher - she couldn't have been
more than about 3 years older than us. Be interesting to see if she comes to
the school 50th anniversary next year. Anyone else from Onslow College in
Wellington NZ on the list?

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