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'[OT] SMT soldering Humor?'
1997\09\09@150134 by Joe Little

    Do you turn the oven off and open the door as soon as 209 degrees is
    reached, or sometime afterward.

    Soldering SMT parts in a toaster oven....
    I get the screaming heebe-jeebies with every installment of this thread.
    I saw a technician that soldered with an electric charcoal grill starter.
    He said they just plug it in until it glows cherry red, and wave it over
    the board till everything looks soldered.

    Component databooks frequently contain a page or two on soldering. The
    Motorola data book have good information on temperature profiles and times.

    The book contains a graph that looks something like:
    preheat  to  50 C
    increase to 150 C in in first minute
    increase to 160 C in the next minute
    increase to 170 C in the next minute
    increase to 205 C in the next minute
    decrease to  50 C in the last minute


1997\09\10@134312 by Eric van Es

Joe Little wrote:

{Quote hidden}

And did the boards  work?
Probably. The things I have done to get a plant losing 10,000 bucks
every hour running again will also make some peoples hair stand on

I'm not critisising you, but sometimes one can get away with murder...

Eric van Es               | Cape Town, South Africa |

1997\09\10@160631 by Mike

At 07:23 PM 9/10/97 +0200, you wrote:

>I'm not critisising you, but sometimes one can get away with murder...

I'm sure the irony of such a statement from South Africa is not lost on
those following the reports of the Security Squads etc...

Hope those times are gone :)

>Eric van Es               | Cape Town, South Africa


Perth, Western Australia

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