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'[OT] Ring Vortex (smoke ring) launchers'
2005\04\20@074951 by Russell McMahon

Utterly fascinating

A bit marginal as a rocketry post but certain to be of interest to

The links lead to some extremely amazing variants - and to a
Wirbelrohr, which was what I was looking for.



"Tap the bottom gently, and slowly spinning smoke rings will be
launched. Tap it hard, and the smoke rings will zoom so fast that
you'll only see a grey blur. Tap it too hard and you generate air
turbulence but no smoke rings.
"Try shooting slow rings then immediately shoot faster ones. The
faster ones will catch up to the slower ones and move through them
(the slower ones open wider to allow the fast ones to pass.) "

2005\04\20@115802 by Bradley Ferguson

picon face
On 4/20/05, Russell McMahon <> wrote:
> Utterly fascinating

A couple summers ago, at work, we made one of these out of a
polyethylene(?) 55 gallon drum, plastic sheet, and bungie (elastic)
cords.  We couldn't get the nice smoke ring (using an inexpensive
smoke generator), but we could fire blasts of air that could be felt
at 40 feet.

We originally tried latex sheeting as the diaphram, but that didn't
have the necessary force and displacement and ripped easily.  We then
switched to bungie cord and 3mil poly.  We could have probably had
smoke rings if the smoke generator had a higher output.

We then tried filling the chamber with propane and firing it a lit
torch under a large fume hood, but it would either do nothing or just
blow the torch out.  Future plans included building a larger version
to knock jet skiers off their jet skies at one of the engineer's lake
homes, but those plans never got off the ground.

Quite an interesting effect--getting smacked in the face with an
invisible blast of air.  There were a lot of papers on the floor that


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