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'[OT] Restoring vintage Gibson GA-9 guitar amp'
2006\12\18@091035 by Mark E. Skeels

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This old amp has a chrome plated steel control panel that is stamped and

then some kind of ink is put into the depressions for letters, graphics
patterns, etc in the depressions.

Most of the ink is worn away.

Does anyone here know how that is done and what kind of ink to use to
restore the graphics to the front panel?


2006\12\18@101338 by Mark E. Skeels

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Actually, I took a little closer look and graphics on the chassis is
just a silk screen. It's not stamped. So I guess unless I can find a new
silk screen, I'm out of luck.......


Mark E. Skeels wrote:
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2006\12\18@153608 by James Newtons Massmind

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Silk-screens can certainly be made... If you can get a good graphic of the
patterns or re-create them in a computer, any good t-shirt house can make
you a nice screen.


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2006\12\18@172207 by Tony Smith

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I was going to say that there's a wax pencil for doing that sort of thing.

Some print shps will do silk screen.

How about toner transfer?  I'm not sure it will work on steel.  Need more
heat than on copper?


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2006\12\18@173322 by Dave King


Look around some of the online Amp shops. They will sell you a new old stock
or reproduction plate for far less than you can do a one off.


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