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'[OT] Re[2]: Water injection'
1998\06\16@130022 by Martin Green

    In a manual transmission vehicle it is the clutch, in an automatic
    transmission vehicle it is the torque converter, a kind of 'liquid

    CIAO - Matyin

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Subject: Re: Water injection
Author:  pic microcontroller discussion list <spam_OUTPICLISTTakeThisOuTspamMITVMA.MIT.EDU> at
Date:    6/15/98 6:00 PM

While on the subject of engines and cars, I would like to ask a slightly
related OT question that has been bugging me for a long time: How can a
car sit still on a hill with the engine holding it from rolling
backwards? The engine, of course, needs to keep its crankshaft turning in
order not to stall. However, the wheels are not turning in this case.
Somehow, the torque is being transferred from the engine to the wheels
while alowing them to move independently of the crankshaft. How is this
possible? What component in the drivetrain allows this?



1998\06\16@141422 by Sean Breheny

face picon face
Hello and thanks to all who responded to my transmission question. I am
18 years old and I am in the process of getting my driver's license. I
have very rarely even been in manual transmission cars, and have never
driven one (I know some of you are going to think that this is pretty sad :)

I was aware that automatic tranmissions used transmission fluid, but I
wasn't sure whether it actually was used to couple the engine to the
wheels or if it was used to hydrolically shift regular gears. In any
event, I thought that manual transmission cars could also hold on a hill
(without brakes) without special clutch tricks, but I guess I was quite

Again thanks for all your help and the fascinating discussions,


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