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'[OT] Re: gerber->postscript'
1997\09\10@090936 by Oyvind Kaurstad

>BTW have you tried to make a layout mask using transparency, ink jet
>printer and photoresist, is the quality and contrast acceptable?
>I have tried using laser printer, but have found that the black areas were
>slightly transparent to UV, so the resulting pcb was practicaly unusable.
>I also had no lack using this special transparencies (TES or something else)
>which you iron press on a copper board.

I'm using a HP 820cxi inkjet printer and regular
inkjet transparencies.

I buy PCB's with photoresist, and this works out ok for me.
Generally I don't use track widths less than 0.2 mm.

On the HP printer it seems that more ink is applied if I set the output
quality to maximum and specify "Premium paper" instead of "Transparency"


1997\09\10@134307 by Eric van Es

Oyvind Kaurstad wrote:

{Quote hidden}

Hi Oyvind

I had a HP DeskJet 600 from Oct 96 till last month. I now have a HP 690
C+. From my experiance I can say that all HP's (and probably all
inkjets) use more ink to increase quality. When printing High Quality,
the heads make more passes on the paper's lenght, ie: smaller "pixels"
of ink are deposited. Thus there are more "pixels" and more ink is used.
The result is a page soaked in ink if you use normal (thin) photocopier

Eric van Es               | Cape Town, South Africa |

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