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'[OT] Re: Weird, Wacky, Zany PIC application'
1999\05\05@163938 by Scott Fink

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Subject: SV:      Re: [OT] Re: Weird, Wacky, Zany PIC applications
Author:  spam_OUTPICLISTTakeThisOuTspamMITVMA.MIT.EDU (MILTON MEDICINTEKNIK KB) at Internet_Exchange
Date:    5/5/99 1:08 PM

Fun ideas emerge!
My traffic light or 12 Volt cart for the 5 year old probably doesn't qualify her
e. Note thought, that with your own designs for children, you can decide on savi
ng batteries, as toys doesn't get shut off (or flashlights). "My" toys alwas shu
t down 2 minutes after inactivity.
So does a little ear-ring X-mas tree (PCB-green) with a small microphone that tr
iggers the blinking activity. If someone speaks to my wife, the LED's blink acti
vely. Qualitfied for your list now ???
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FrŒn: William Chops Westfield <.....billwKILLspamspam@spam@CISCO.COM>
Datum: den 5 maj 1999 19:17
€mne: Re: [OT] Re: Weird, Wacky, Zany PIC applications
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1999\05\05@225729 by Jim Paul

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I didn't think the application I have is ZANY.  I think it's more a
practical thing.
But I've had several friends and family members say I should submit it and
let you decide if it is ZANY enough.  Here goes.

When I was at my previous employer, I used a PIC to improve on a controller
didn't always work correctly, and at the same time I reduced the size of
the thing
substantially.   What it did was to monitor a diffusion furnace at a wafer
fab to make
sure everything worked as it should.  It would monitor different gasses, a
detector, a couple of Mass Flow Controllers (MFC's), and an ignition
If any of the inputs that needed to be there weren't there, the PIC would
shut down
the furnace and sound an alarm.  I am the sole author of the software, and
of the circuit.   I believe I still have the software listing here
somewhere, and a pinout
of the PIC as used in the prototype.  If you are interested, let me know
and I'll look up
everything and get it to you.   If not, I'll understand.


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