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PICList Thread
1998\05\31@113732 by White Horse Design

At 09:18 31/05/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Some of us go to great expense and effort to retrieve our email.
Especially when traveling on business and would appreciate if everyone
would stay on the topic of PIC's.

I don't know about you but I automatically (usually) bin

a) HTML docs (which are usually unreadable),
b) Messages with blank subject lines,
c) Messages with single word meaningless subjects (like "help") where
  you have to read the message to find out what it's about.
d) Messages with HTML attachments or ."VCF" files
e) Messages with UNSUBSCRIBE as the subject
f) Messages with "Help for a newbie"/"neophyte", we'd rather have decent
  and if you must admit you know little put it in the body!

I have added [OT] to this - ironic isn't it :-)



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