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'[OT] Re: SMT soldering'
1997\09\06@104214 by Sean Breheny

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At 09:29 AM 9/6/97 -0400, you wrote:
> The pre-production prototypes and the production units will
>be SMT (Surface Mount Technology). I wondered how I would solder those tiny
>parts onto the circuit board as that would be very difficult for me.
>Through reading an [OT] thread on the piclist, I plan, when I get that far,
>to buy a toaster oven, a temperature controller and a syringe of solder

I have been folowing this thread on SMT soldering using a toaster oven and
it fascinates me. I do non-SMT soldering, of course, but I have never done
surface mount soldering. It sounds like this hybrid toaster over machine is
just going to flow solder over the board and let it stick only to the
traces and component leads. Is this correct? If so, is it going to actually
FLOW the solder over the board or will the board just sit in a pool of
molten solder(doesn't sound too good for the components!!)??
       If it is going to keep the solder moving, then how?
I am just generally interested in how this thing will work. Also, if there
will be through hole components on the boars also, do they have to be
soldered after the SMT or can they also be soldered at the same time as the



Sean Breheny,KA3YXM
Electrical Engineering Student

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