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'[OT] Re: I'm Sorry!!! I'm wrote wrong about RB4 Pi'
1999\08\04@132148 by Dan Creagan

>From Alice:

<snip>  darn brain browns out whenever i try to
put any load on it.  more coffee....

>From Dan:

My favorite quote along these lines was from Anne a week or two ago. It went
along the lines of: "I find it much more efficient to embarass myself in
front of a world wide audience than when at home, work or commute."

I really had a good chuckle - mainly because I had been there a few times


> > and go to step 3.
>   Um...  Um...  Uh...  <Cough Cough>
>   I usually pull ~MClr UP to Vss/Vcc (+5V), through a 10k resistor (for
> example), if it's at Ground the PIC's being held in reset, don't expect
> the PIC to run...

1999\08\04@143438 by Mark Willis

Hey, same here - Stress tends to MORE than equalize all of any few
advantages we might (or might not) have, resulting in a net effective
(or at least demonstrable!) IQ of about -15, whenever we post in public
or show our boss our favorite tricks, things invariably go WrNoG <G>
Coffee can help.  Taking the day off's far more fun, though.


Dan Creagan wrote:
{Quote hidden}

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