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'[OT] Re: 93LC56 EEPROMs'
1999\11\25@185120 by Mike M

While on the topic of EEproms...

I do sequential reads using a 24lc32.  Now, can i set an address at startup with
out reading data?  I mean u know how u set the address for random read, and then
wait for nack, followed by another start command... i can issue the address 000
0 at reset, accept nack..and then leave the the rest of the program free to run
to call sequential reads right?  or will i do everything up to the nack and then
issue a stop command?


On Fri, 26 Nov 1999 09:03:37 +1100 Tony Nixon <spam_OUTTony.NixonTakeThisOuTspamENG.MONASH.EDU.AU> wro
>Murray Neill wrote:
>> The data sheet indicates it can be done, but that there is the possibility of
a 'bus conflict'. This is where I got a bit lost. Has anyone used this approach
and, if so, what do I need to watch out for?
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1999\11\26@013210 by Mitchell D. Miller

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You initiate a write operation by sending the EEPROM's address (make sure
last bit is 0), and the two byte address you wish to make 'current', then
send a stop condition.  This will make your desired address current, then
you can read sequentially from the EEPROM as long as you'd like! <G>

Good Luck,

Mitch Miller, Omaha, NE

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